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High Five

Team Huddle Checklist

Vaccine Cards

These cards provide key information for each vaccine and are intended to help organize workflow and prevent medication incidents. Print and use wherever vaccines are being administered.

Please note: these cards do not contain all pertinent details. Use them as a tool to complement other available information sources such as product monographs and SK-specific recommendations (e.g.  COVID-19 Vaccine Doses, Eligibility, and Intervals).


Afluria® Tetra
(Standard Dose)

19 Sep 2023

High-Dose Quadrivalent

19 Sep 2023

Flulaval Tetra 
(Standard Dose)

19 SEP 2023

Fluzone® Quadrivalent (Standard Dose)

03 Oct 2022



Spikevax® XBB.1.5
Royal blue cap, Coral Blue font
(≥  6 months)
     DO NOT DILUTE            

26 Sep 2023

Comirnaty® Original & Omicron BA.4/BA.5
Orange cap/border
(≥ 5 Years to < 12 Years)
DILUTION REQUIRED Comirnaty Vaccine Card

2 Aug 2023

Comirnaty® Original & Omicron BA.4/BA.5
Grey cap/border
(≥ 12 Years) 
    DO NOT DILUTE               Comirnaty Vaccine Card

2 aug 2023

Spikevax™ Bivalent BA.4/BA.5
Royal Blue cap, grey border
(≥ 6 Years)
    DO NOT DILUTE          Spikevax Bivalent Vaccine Card

25 Jul 2023

CPDPP Injection Videos

 Injection-Related instructional videos. Updated Nov 2021

IM Injection: Landmarking Deltoid

IM Injection: Landmarking Vastus Lateralis

SUBQ Injection: Landmarking Outer Triceps

IM Injection - Full Process Deltoid

Needle Length

Withdrawal from Vial

Child Hold Demonstration   


Assessment Forms & Guides

Guide for the Vaccine Screening and Consent Form                
Guide for Vaccine Screening and Consent Form: Pharmacy Use Only Section

Pre-Travel Assessment Form             

April 2022

Non-Vaccine Screening & Consent Form


Vaccine Screening and Consent Form

 04 Feb 2022